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Cub Scout Overnight Camp 2020

Summer Camp— It’s Why Youth Join Scouts

Webelos/Arrow Of Light Camp (week-long) | Register

Cub Adventure Camp (half-week)

Register for: Camp May | Camp Warren Levis | Pine Ridge

    1. Camp May, (Beaumont Scout Reservation): June 14-17, June 18-21, June 28-July 1, July 12-15, and July 16-19 |  View the 2020 Camp Manual | Register
    2. Camp Warren Levis: June 4-7, 11-14, 18-21, and 25-28 | View the 2020 Camp ManualRegister
    3. Pine Ridge: July 12-14  Register | View the 2020 Camp Manual

Family Camp (Council-run weekend/day camping)

Register for: Camp May | S bar F | Camp Lewallen

    1. Camp May (Beaumont Scout Reservation): June 13-14, June 27-28, and July 11-12  | Register |View the 2020 Camp Manual
    2. S bar F Scout Ranch: July 18-19 | Register
    3. Camp Lewallen: June 27-28 | Register

Pine Ridge Webelos Camp (half-week) | Register

Rhodes France Summer Camps

Register for: Webelos Camp | Cub Scout Camp

Get ready for Jungle Adventure at Rhodes France this summer, at 1: Cub Scout Summer Camp, where Scouts arrive Friday after lunch and enjoy fun outdoor activities through Sunday morning.  And 2: Webelos Woods, where Webelos Scouts can pick and choose what advancement and programs they want to participate in throughout the half-week session.