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August 28, 2020

Updated Unit Operational Guidance August 28, 2020
August 28, 2020
Updated Unit Operational Guidance
August 28, 2020

The Greater St. Louis Area Council has prepared documents for Packs and Troops that include assistance in program planning and delivery for both face to face and virtual activities.

These documents and details about all of the programs we are offering this fall can be found here and at:

Cub Scout Meeting Recommendations

Scouts BSA Troop Guide

Some Scouts BSA Advancement Policies have changed

As we continue to learn about how to deliver the Scouting program safely to our youth during this pandemic, please review the items below. With the recommendations from a panel of physicians, significant changes have been made to transportation and indoor activities.

1. Approval for face to face activities has not changed

• All local and state governments, both where the unit is chartered and where the meeting or activity is to take place must clearly permit the activity in terms of gathering size and ability to maintain proper social distancing. All of their and the Federal CDC guidelines must be followed for all phases of the meeting or activity (such as feeding, housing/tents, swimming etc.).
• Chartered organizations must approve in- person activities and/or meetings prior to restoring them. Units should also consult with their chartered organization to determine the best path forward for the unit’s Scouting programs.
• Parents should be surveyed and a majority of the parents in the Scouting unit must approve restoring in- person activities.

2. Guidance for the locations of meetings has been updated

• The safest locations for face to face activities is outdoors. Scouting activities are to continue to take place outdoors until the change in seasons makes it necessary to meet indoors. At that time, Scouting meetings and activities may take place indoors. Local building capacity restrictions must be met, masks are required, and social distancing must be practiced at all times.

3. Guidance for transportation has been updated

• The safest method for transportation is that only household members are in a vehicle. This may not always be practical. When necessary, people outside of a household may travel in a vehicle together. Unless the vehicle is a large van, (4 rows of seats) there should not be more than four people in a vehicle, and they are to sit as far apart as possible. Masks are to be worn at all times. If possible, carpool with people who interact together in other venues such as sports teams or schools.

4. Camping Guidance has not changed

• Tent camping is to be done one youth in each tent unless they are household members, the same gender, and less than two years apart in age. Adults are also one to each tent unless they are spouses that live together. Tents are to be spaced at least six feet apart.
• Preparing and serving food is limited to the fewest number of adults practical who prepare and serve individual portions to the entire unit. The exception to this practice is an individual preparing food for only him or herself.

5. Some Scouts BSA Advancement Policies have changed
• There have been changes to rank requirements for swimming, the camping merit badge, and the Eagle Scout extension process. Please read through the entire document HERE.