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Challenge Course & Climbing

Looking for training information? Learn about upcoming challenge course and climbing trainings here.

Challenge Course

Our council has three Challenge Courses, one each at Camp Joy, S bar F Scout Ranch, and Beaumont Scout Reservation. The Challenge Course is a program for youths and adults that includes a series of outdoor challenges — beginning with basic group initiative games and progressing to more complicated low-course and high-course activities. Some of these events involve a group effort while others test individual skills and agility. Participants climb, swing, balance, jump and think through solutions to a variety of challenges. Most participants find that they can do much more than they initially thought they could.

There are eight major goals of the Challenge Course:

  1. Leadership development
  2. Problem solving
  3. Communication
  4. Self-esteem
  5. Trust
  6. Decision-making
  7. Teamwork
  8. Have FUN!

The low course consists of group initiative games and events, which help participants learn to work together using communication and trust to achieve their goals. While individual coordination and strength are helpful, participants accomplish the low-course events with the support and combined efforts of their team.

The high course is an individual exercise and builds self-esteem. It is conducted 30 feet in the trees and allows the participant to challenge him/herself to become more aware of individual strengths and limitations. Every participant on the course wears a harness connected to a safety line.

Our Challenge Courses provide an opportunity for each participant to achieve success as an individual and as a member of a patrol or team. The events are not designed to be competitive or to be races against time. The more important objectives include building confidence, developing leadership skills and attaining a sense of common cooperation among team members.

Your unit provides the trained Challenge Course Instructors for each group of 13 maximum. Two trained leaders are required to lead the group.

Helpful Forms

Challenge Course RSVP Instructions and Packing List

Challenge Course Reservation Schedule
2018-19: S bar F and Beaumont | Camp Joy


Climbing Tower

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to climb to the top of a mountain, or rappel down a rope from the heights of treetops? The skills that you will learn here are the basics that every expert climber had to master when they first started to climb and rappel.

Climbing Towers are available to Scouts, Venturers and Explorers at Beaumont Scout Reservation and Camp Lewallen. The Beaumont tower is also lit for night climbing and is available for evening rentals. The troop, crew or post provides its own certified Climbing Instructors.

Rock Climbing

Ready for something more advanced? Come experience the thrill of peering over the edge of cliffs at S bar F Scout Ranch or Pine Ridge Scout Camp. Climbing equipment is available for units with trained rock climbing instructors.

Units can choose from Freedom, Ranger Falls, Collarbone or Baby Snake cliffs at S bar F or the dramatic sculped cliffs of Giant City State Park near Pine Ridge. Camping sites are even available on top of the cliffs along the Little St. Francis River or near Castle Rock at S bar F.

Helpful Forms

Climbing RSVP Instructions and Packing List

Climbing Reservation Schedule:
2018-19: Pine Ridge and Warren Levis | S bar F and Vandeventer

Pere Marquette Climbing Information

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