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Black Gold

Black Gold District

The Black Gold District covers Clay, Fayette, Jefferson, Marion, Washington, Wayne, and part of Clinton counties in Illinois.

District Committee

  • District Chairman

    Rex Barbee Email  618-292-9636

  • District Commissioner

    Tim Chambers Email  618-322-3664

  • District Executive

    Paul Beckmeyer Email 618-367-1906

  • Finance Chairman / Community Friends of Scouting

    Michael Bray Email 618-315-4950

  • Family Friends of Scouting Chairman


  • Training Chairman

    Lloyd Reinkensmeier Email

  • Advancement Chairman / Scouting For Food

    Chuck Newby Email  618-314-2523

  • Camping Chairman


  • Eagle Scout Board Chairman

    Lloyd Reinkensmeier Email
    Call for appointment

  • Religious Emblems Coordinator

    Coming soon!!

Black Gold