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National Advanced Youth Leadership

This program is for Scouts,  Venturers and Sea Scouts. It is offered at the Philmont Training Center.

The NAYLE program is an advanced version of National Youth Leadership Training (N.Y.L.T.) designed to provide you with a backcountry-based wilderness encounter that applies and internalizes the skills learned at your council-level National Youth Leadership Training Course, and motivates you to follow a life of servant leadership by helping others succeed, based on Scouting’s values.

NAYLE equips youth leaders to be better Troop, Crew, or Ship Leaders, NYLT Staff Members, and/or superior camp staff members. It will help guide your journey in leadership service to others, will enable you to develop all members of whatever teams you lead, and will provide important life skills for now and the future.

The requirements are:

This course includes: