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Eagle Board of Review

The River Trails Eagle Board meets every last Thursday of the month. The board is always looking for new volunteers to serve on Eagle Board. If you are interested serving, please contact Rick Bopp at 636-942-4334.

Location for Eagle Board and Life to Eagle Seminars:
Zion Lutheran Church, 310 Central Ave., Pevely, MO 63070

Life-to-Eagle Seminar

2/18/20        6:30pm – 7:30pm        Scout, Parents, Scout Master and or Coaches

5/12/20       CANCELLED               Scout, Parents, Scout Master and or Coaches

7/14/20         6:30pm – 7:30pm       Scout, Parents, Scout Master and or Coaches

This meeting will be held outdoors at the back parking lot of Zion Lutheran Church in Pevely.  Please bring your own chair, mask, pen and paper and water to drink.  We will be social distancing our chairs.  There is no access to facilities at the church.  If inclement weather we may use the pavilion if we can maintain the social distancing.

10/13/20       6:30pm – 7:30pm        Scout, Parents, Scout Master and or Coaches

Life Scouts, coaches, Scoutmasters, and Troop Committee members are strongly encouraged to attend one of these seminars in order to better understand the process of going from Life to Eagle. The seminar is a combined session for adults and future Eagle candidates followed by a break-out session. The 60- to 90-minute seminar includes handouts and a display of past projects. Training is held at Zion Lutheran Church, 310 Central Ave., Pevely, MO  63070. The dates for Life to Eagle

Eagle Board Meetings

Please note that each Eagle Scouts candidate needs to schedule appointments with the Eagle Board by calling Mr. Bopp at 636-942-4334.  Also to note that the Scout needs to leave his name, return phone number and what Troop they are with.  It can take up to three days for a return phone call.  Currently we are taking up to 8 Scouts per month and that is on a first come first serve basis.  All calls must be placed 10 days prior to the Board of Review.  To be considered locked into one of the spots the Scout will need to have all of the necessary paperwork and signatures needed for the type of visit they are seeking.  All calls and activity are logged to insure the order of eligibility.

Appointments start at 7 p.m. (Be a early for your appointment to get checked in)

Eagle Materials
Path from Life to Eagle checklist
The Benefiting Organizations Guide to an Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project
Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook – Fillable
Eagle Scout Rank Application – Fillable
Guide to Advancement Eagle Scout Section Only
Age Guidelines for Tool Use and Work at Elevations
Letter of Reference Request Form Letter

Additional Downloads
Electronic Eagle Scout Application Procedures
Navigating the Eagle Scout Service Project, Information for Project Beneficiaries
The Sweet Sixteen of BSA Safety
Scholarships For Eagle Scouts
A Parents Guide in the Life to Eagle Process

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