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A recent scientific study proved that Scouting is succeeding in its goal and mission to foster positive character development in youth.

Click here for a quick look at how Scouting builds positive character.


Does your Troop supply Den Chiefs to your feeder Cub Scout Pack or to a Cub Scout Pack in your area? One way that the Boy Scout organization is kept strong is through the willful and purposeful recruitment of Webelos into Scouts BSA troops. The Den Chief Program is a win-win situation for the Scouts BSA, Cub Scout and the Den Leader. The Scouts BSA youth learns to lead and can sell the Boy Scout program through the stories they tell and the pictures they show their Den about the campouts and activities their does with his Troop. The Cub Scouts learn from an older Scout and not a parent and the Den Leader can delegate some of the Den leadership responsibilities to the Den Chief. Click Here for information on Den Chief training.

In addition, does your troop have an adult assigned as Webelos coordinator, or ASM for recruitment? If not, you need to consider staffing this position in your troop! Encourage an out-going adult in your troop to step into this role. If you have this position in your organization and have had success in recruiting Webelos, please consider sharing this experience. Remember, when the Scouting program succeeds, our youth succeeds.


Scouting is available to boys and girls in kindergarten through age 20. In addition, opportunities exist for churches, schools and community organizations to sponsor a new pack, troop, venture crew, or explorer post. If you are interested in learning more or would like to start a new unit at your church, school or community organization, contact Joe Blasko or Robbie Lindner.

Exploring – Career Education

Exploring is a career education program designed to give youth real-world experience in a particular career field. This allows the youth to build their interest, develop hobbies, and ultimately decide if this is an area to consider for an education and a career. There are two types of units within Exploring: The Explorer Post and the Explorer Club. Exploring Posts are for boys and girls age 14-20, and Explorer Clubs are for 6th-8th grade students. The content of each program is geared specifically at their age range. There are twelve Career Exploring Fields:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact:

Barb Machalek, Membership Chairman



Joseph Blasko, District Director



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